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Kitchen remodel contractor in Frisco, TX 75034 | Ramgo Remodeling | Home improvement contractor in Frisco, TX | licensed and insured home remodeling contractor
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03 Feb Kitchen Remodel Contractor in Frisco, TX 75034

kitchen remodel contractor | Ramgo Remodeling | Home improvement contractor in Frisco, Tx 76034

Ramgo Remodeling is your preferred kitchen remodel contractor in 75034

How difficult is it to remodel a kitchen? What is the cost? How long does it take? Often, when talking to our clients about a kitchen remodel, kitchen upgrade or a complete tear down and rebuild we go through a sequence of questions and ideas. Many of these times there is a gray area of what they want and what they need. We can this the DIY effect.

“The DIY effect is seen as home remodeling projects that seem simple enough to do on your own but are harder to do once the project is started. This often results in: frustration, added cost or further damage.”

Ramgo Remodeling has been a trusted home and kitchen remodeling contractor in Frisco, TX for more than 5 years. Our close attention to detail allows us to use our resources wisely so that you can save money. We won’t ever try to up sell you. Your trust in us and our confidence in our work is what makes us the best remodeling contractor in Frisco, TX.

What to do before starting a kitchen remodeling project

Before starting a kitchen remodeling project have a list of ideas of things that you like, need and want. Are you wanting new cabinets? A kitchen island? New Counters? Or are you wanting to open up your kitchen? These are just a few of the most common kitchen upgrades. Another thing to think about is if this project is for the now or for the later. What that means is many homeowners will often go through a kitchen remodel if they are planning to sell their home. Normally we encourage them to look at what is really needs to be updated and what are secondary upgrades – upgrades that matter more to them than a potential buyer.

Kitchen upgrades to sell a home are primarily:

Kitchen upgrades that are secondary

  • Appliances
  • Lighting
  • Faucets
  • Windows
  • Ceiling

The difference, in our opinion, between primary and secondary kitchen upgrades is the return on investment and the purpose of the upgrade. If the kitchen upgrade is being done to sell your home then the main idea would be to make sure that it actually raises the value of your home or that it helps your home sell faster. Secondary upgrades are mainly cosmetic upgrades that are less time consuming but can get expensive if not thought out carefully.

With all kitchen upgrades, it is important to keep in mind that you are doing them based on what you like versus what someone might be looking for Talk to us about your ideas and let us help guide you towards the right plan. We observe all cost to make sure that you are within budget on the kitchen upgrades that matter most.

Budget-Friendly Kitchen Remodeling in Frisco, TX 75034

Cabinets, counters, paint, and flooring are the most budget-friendly kitchen remodeling projects. While the material being used can fluctuate, they are overall some of the most common kitchen upgrades to do.

Cabinet Upgrades in Frisco, TX

The great thing about kitchen cabinets is that most homes already have them. Using your existing cabinets and transforming them can save you money to be used elsewhere. Kitchen cabinets can be transformed by:

  • Removing the doors
  • Repurposing cabinet space
  • Paint and resurfacing

Removing doors gives your kitchen a more open look and feel. It can allow you to add color in decoration and go with the less is more concept. This goes well will re-purposing cabinet space and transforming your kitchen counters into a Bakers Kitchen. Re purposing cabinet space allows you to use every inch of your kitchen without having to add new cabinets and therefore losing space. Paint and resurfacing cabinets is also a cost-effective kitchen upgrade. Because it does require removal and prepping it is best to gather a few quotes before deciding to do it yourself. Not all paints are the same and properly prepping your walls can save you money and time.

If you are wanting more cabinet space, we suggest looking at your existing space and choosing the right type of cabinets to make sure that they are functional without sacrificing space. Our team is very experienced when it comes to looking at the overall space and making sure that your money is spent wisely. A well-organized kitchen can give you everything that you need without adding too much or too little.

Counter Upgrades in Frisco, TX

Counters are another common kitchen upgrade that can be cost-effective. Using your existing counters will save money overall. A few things to know before reusing or installing new counters:

  • Are your current counters damaged?
  • Is the material workable?
  • Do you have enough space to add new counters?
  • Will you need to run new water lines or electrical lines?

A big kitchen trend that we are seeing with counters is installing farm-style sinks, concrete sinks, concrete counters, and porcelain sinks. The mix and match between colors, materials, and finish makes this kitchen upgrade fun and full of options!

You can easily go for a rustic look by combining a concrete counter with a porcelain sink. For a more modern look go with sleek dark granite counters matched with a concrete sink. There are many options and our team, at Ramgo Remodeling, can help you put ideas together to make sure that the new addition to your kitchen turns out the way you imagine it. If you have questions about materials to use or want to see examples, we can provide them for you. Contact us for questions, estimates or 2nd opinions.

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Adding natural light, skylights and opening up kitchen space

Are you wanting more natural light in your home? Skylights and adding big windows are popular kitchen and home upgrades. Why are skylights so popular? Newer homes really tend to focus on the utilization of natural light to help your home look bigger, welcoming, and more natural. Natural light is a huge selling point if you are wanting to put your home on the market as well.

The openness of a kitchen is highly sought after in today’s market. The ability to have a well-lit kitchen also adds to the idea that skylights can reduce the need to have lights turned on and therefore be cost-effective. One thing to remember is that skylights are in essence just windows. Installing them properly should be a top priority as well as making sure that the installer has experience. A misaligned fitting or improper fitting can cause leaks and further damage over time. Our team, at Ramgo Remodeling, have experience in skylight installs and can walk you through both choosing the right place to install a skylight as well as choosing the right skylight for your home.

Knocking down a wall to add kitchen space

Knocking a wall down to open up your home or extend your home involves a bit more thought process. The idea of an open concept home is very popular in today’s market. If your current home has a wall that separates your dining and kitchen and you feel that without it your home would look so much bigger – then you are more than correct! Walls tend to make your home look and feel smaller as it sections of the different rooms.

Knocking down a wall is the easy part, but before you dive into driving that sludge hammer into that wall we encourage that you contact an expert to get a thorough evaluation. Our team Our team has over 60 years experience not only in home remodeling, but home building, concrete, electrical and plumbing.

“As the saying goes: what you cannot see can hurt you”

Walls inside your home are not created equal. While some walls are just walls. Other walls may serve a greater purpose like a main electrical wall, plumbing, gas lines, and more importantly, serve as a support beam. While its purpose cannot be seen directly from the outside. Real damage can occur if it is weakened in the slightest bit.

If you do decide that you want to explore knocking down an interior wall or exterior wall contact us. We partner with reputed home builders that can assist in the process and make sure that your home is safe during and after the project.

Trust Ramgo Remodeling as your preferred home and kitchen remodel contractor in Frisco, TX 75034

Our reputation precedes us across every client that we help. Every project that we complete allows us to do whats best for our clients. Our goal is to never try to up sell you. or get you to spend more money. Our focus is primarily on making sure that you feel confident in your project and the contractor completing it. We encourage you to ask us questions, compare us and get a 2nd opinion. Contact us with questions and help for all of your home and kitchen remodeling needs.

Talk to us about your kitchen remodeling project

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