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29 Jun Cabinets and Counters

Cabinets and Counters: Adding or Replacing in West Frisco, 75033

replacing kitchen cabinets and counters | RamGo Remodeling | Serving North Dallas and Collin County

Replacing or Adding Cabinets and Counters throughout your home

One of the most popular and common home renovation projects is replacing or adding counters and cabinets throughout your home. At Ramgo Remodeling, we receive many questions and inquiries about when is the best time to replace them? What are the different options? Is it better to replace or add before moving in? Most importantly how much will it cost to get the look I want? We are heavily invested in all of our work and can help you answer these and many other questions. We can walk you through the project and make sure that you get the results that are investing in. Ramgo Remodeling is your local home remodeling and renovation company to help you with cabinets and counter projects as well as flooring, painting, bathroom remodels and so much more. RamGo Remodeling is your preferred remodeling and renovation company in Frisco, Little Elm, Prosper, Collin County and Denton County, TX.

replacing kitchen cabinets and counters | RamGo Remodeling | Serving North Dallas and Collin CountyWhat to know before replacing home cabinets and countertops

If you are moving into a brand new home and are not happy with the existing cabinets and counters that the builder installed Ramgo Remodeling can help you find the right look and feel and replace them to your liking. Before jumping into the project it is important to have an idea as to what you are wanting. Let us provide a consultation and draw out not only the correct measurements but also the fit and placement of the counters and cabinets. Most homes are built to sustain the cabinets that are being installed as well as the proper placement of counters. A new home will also settle over time and by not properly installing them there is a risk that they will become uneven or loose. While it might look like an easy job to just replace what you are removing, be aware that a proper installation requires more than nails, screws, and glue.

What not to do when replacing cabinets and counters

If you are replacing old cabinets and counters there a few things to keep in mind. While it might seem fun to pull, tear and yank old cabinets and counters away like they do on Reality TV, it is often that we see and fix the additional damage that was done. Cabinets and counters are meant to be sturdy and withstand years and years of use. Tearing, pulling and yanking them away can cause damage to wiring, plumbing, walls, frames, and floor. The breakdown can often take time, but we highly recommend that it is done properly. Replacing cabinets and counters will also give you a chance to look at the walls and floor for any damage and also the opportunity to look at the big picture of your home and what more can be enhanced or updated

When replacing cabinets and counters it is very important to look at both the wall and floor that they are going to sit on. Check for wiring and plumbing if you are going to be also adding  Replacing can take time. Let us at Ramgo Remodeling make the most of your time and money.

modern kitchen cabinets and counters | North Dallas best home remodeling and renovation | Serving Collin and Denton County, TXWhat to know if you are adding new cabinets and countertops

Adding cabinets and counters follows some of the same tips as replacing them. A big question and concern that we get when doing an addition are space, style, and material. Updating your home doesn’t always mean transforming it into something modern. An updated traditional look is always in style. Updating or adding new cabinets and counters can make a small kitchen look bigger as well as adding long cabinets and counters can make a big kitchen look more uniform. Before adding cabinets and counters look at your space and get an idea as to what you need and want. If you are wanting an island but also a bar style sitting area consider a long counter. It can easily include a sink or stove but also space for a few stools. If space is of the essence but you don’t want to have an overwhelming amount of cabinets we would suggest doorless cabinets or shelves. Sometimes less is more and this style can provide storing space while also giving your kitchen a unique look.

Cabinets and Counters Styles and Materials

replacing kitchen cabinets and counters | RamGo Remodeling | Serving North Dallas and Collin CountyAnother important thing to consider is what kind of material do you want to use for your countertops. Do you like the classic look of wood, marble or granite? Do you prefer something more modern like concrete, quartz or glass? If you are considering adding to your home it is never a bad idea to consider going for something different. We offer a full consultation to provide ideas. We want to make sure that any addition makes the most sense as well as provides you with the best functionality.

Adding cabinets and counters throughout your home

Cabinet and counters are not only for your kitchen. A trend we are seeing is cabinets being added to living areas such as studies, wall to wall and ceiling to floor cabinets, and staircases. Cabinets and counters can also help with storage. Adding them in a more non-traditional way helps add space and enhance the look of a room.

RamGo Remodeling is your local home remodeling contractor in Frisco, TX 75033

Part of what makes us a great local company is that we have our team that works on all of our jobs. We feel that by having our own crew, we are able to provide the best service at the best cost. We seldom contract out and only do so for a few specific trades. Our work is how we have been able to build the trust of all of our clients. We always offer a no pressure consultation and quote. Give us a call and let us be part of your project.

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