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Patio and Pergolas Builder

Patio, Pergola builder in Frisco, TX 75034

Texas weather is a bit tricky this time of year. One weekend we are bracing for a winter storm and the next looking for a patio to enjoy the sun. Why not have be able to enjoy both from the comfort of your home? Ramgo Remodeling is a locally owned home improvement, home remodeling, patio and pergola builder in Frisco. TX. We have been beautifying home in North Texas for over 6 years. A big trend that we are seeing in the building and addition of outdoor living areas like patios, pergolas, decks, and outdoor kitchens in Frisco, Prosper, Lantana, Plano, Dallas and all throughout Fort Worth, TX. Our team specializes in outdoor living home additions as well as outdoor kitchens.

Home Additions and Outdoor Living Spaces in 75035

Patio weather ultimately is the best in Texas! Having your own patio, pergola or outdoor living space is a huge added bonus for your home. Our team at, Ramgo Remodeling, has been building patios, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, home additions and outdoor living spaces in the Frisco area for 5+ years. Our team has the experience to build from scratch or extend to what is already there. Some of our services are:

  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Home extension/addition
  • Custom pergolas
  • Decks

The fun part of outdoor living and home additions is the finished product. Being able to relax in your brand new built patio, pergola or outdoor kitchen is truly a unique experience. Deciding what fits your home best can sometimes be the hard part. What is the difference between a patio or pergola?

Patio Builders near Frisco, TX 75034

A patio is an outdoor structure that is directly connected to your house. Patios can come in many different shapes and sizes. Outdoor living spaces and outdoor kitchens are often times part of a patio build. Our team can walk you through ideas and details to make sure that your patio is built to your liking as well as that it serves its intended purpose. One of the main things to look at is location. Depending on your home a patio can really be added anywhere around your home. Building it isn’t as easy as pouring concrete and buying wood. We recommend that you consider not only where you want to build it, but also curb appeal if you ever decide to sell your home.

If your home is elevated then will you have a deck built as part of the patio or will it sit directly on the ground? If you are planning to build a deck then pouring concrete will not always be necessary, but proper placement of support beams will. Are you going to want to add a grill, outdoor over or bar? There are so many small details to look for to ensure the proper build of you patio. Our team consist of contractors and expert patio builders that can assure that it not only gets build to last, but that it gets built in a way that it enhances your home from top to bottom.

Before building a patio

A common mistake when building patios is the roof adjustment. The worst thing to do to your home is build a patio that doesn’t properly drain. Not only can this cause damage to your patio but also to your home roof. If you start seeing dark spots on the inside of your patio roof give us a call. More than likely it is not draining water effectively and it may start to rot.

We always recommend contacting a professional contractor before starting a patio building project. Let our team come out and provide you with an evaluation, estimate or 2nd opinion. Spend your money wisely the first time.

Pergola Builder in Frisco, TX 75035

What is a pergola? A pergola is different than a patio or deck as it is a free standing structure away from your home. What is pergola used for? A pergola is an outdoor living home addition that allows to create a garden, outdoor kitchen or personal space for zen and relaxation. Pergolas are a great addition to your home without having to directly connect it to your home. Personal zen and relaxation areas are a great way to disconnect from everyday life. A pergola is versatile. We have built pergolas to also be outdoor kitchens fully equipped with brick ovens, grills and entertainment areas.

Our clients often compare a pergola to a more useful gazebo. Building a pergola is a bit different than a patio. While you can go to places like Sam’s or CostCo and buy a pergola you still have to be able to install them (that is often the hidden cost). At Ramgo Remodeling, we specialize in building custom pergolas from the ground up. We take into consideration the way you want it to look, materials used and its purpose.

What are pergolas?

Why are pergolas popular? Our clients will often build a garden around their pergola or a pergola as their garden’s focal point. They are great additions to your home for relaxation, disconnecting and entertainment. Being that they are not directly connected to your home it is common for our clients to ask us to build an adjoining small sink or kitchen space. What we often do as well is build an entertainment area with electricity. If your home doesn’t have have gas there is a way around that. Whether it be for a gas grill or small oven we can build gas lines that can be hooked up to a propane tank. This allows you to be worry free for gas leaks and can turned on/off at your convenience.

Our experience truly does allow us to do so many unique and custom pergola builds. We highly encourage that you ask you questions about your ideas and thoughts. If you are going to make an investment into your we want to make sure that it is well worth it and done right.

Ramgo Remodeling is your best patio, pergola builder in Frisco, TX 75034

Contact us and see what makes our approach to home improvement different. We are a fully licensed and insured home contractor company in Frisco, North Dallas and surrounding areas. Let us be your patio, pergola and outdoor living contractor in Frisco, TX. We gladly provide in home evaluations, estimates and 2nd opinion.

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