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02 Jan Flooring 101: Hardwood, Engineered, and Plank Floors in Frisco, TX 75034

what are wood plank floors | installing wood plank floors | Ramgo Remodeling floor installation contractors in Frisco, TX

Hardwood Floor Contractor in Frisco, TX 75034

We get many questions about wood, wood laminate, wood plant, and bamboo flooring. Most of the questions go around cost and which is the best option. RamGo Remodeling is a trusted and local floor contractor is Frisco, TX. Our experience stretches over 5 years serving North Dallas, Frisco, Prosper, and all surrounding cities. We feel that it is often best to educate yourself between the different wood floor options before making the investment. Our goal is to be able to answer your questions from start to finish and provide upfront estimates. Our encouragement is to make sure that you do your homework and ask your contractor questions and ask for samples.

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What to know before installing hardwood, engineered or plank floor

Before ripping out old carpet or old tile we want to make sure that homeowners understand that different types of hardwood floors require specific steps of preparation. It is also important to think carefully about the hardwood floors that you are wanting to install.

A few questions to ask:

  • Difference between hardwood, engineered, and plank (floating) floor
  • Water resistant floors for bathrooms and wet spaces
  • Sound isolation for upstairs rooms
  • Finish and color
  • Care, staining and resurfacing

DIY your floors are a popular trend thanks to all the home improvement shows and YouTube DIY videos. Yes, it seems easy and cost saving. What is also free and cost saving is getting an estimate. Our team is here to answer all of your questions and will strive to point you towards the right direction regardless if you choose us as your flooring contractor.

Prepping your home for wood floor

what are natural hardwood floors | installing hardwood floors | Ramgo Remodeling floor installation contractors in Frisco, TXRipping carpet out is the first step. Carpet is installed using tack edges that are nailed or glued down. They will need to be ripped out carefully so that the foundation is not damaged. Carpet may also leave glue patches that will need to be scraped off before new floor is installed.

Tack strips can leave holes in your slab – our recommendation is to get them fixed before installing new floors. Also, consider any cracks in your foundation that you will want to patch up. Depending on the condition of your foundation it can add time and cost to the project. This is why we recommend trusting as your Frisco, TX flooring contractor. Our honest approach to your home will help you spend your money wisely.

Hardwood, Engineered Wood and Wood Plank Floors

Hardwood floors in Frisco, TX 75034

Traditional hardwood floors are the most popular and timeless option. The versatility of colors and materials are almost endless. Wood types like Oak, Walnut, Teak, Ash, and Hickory are a few common types. Exotic wood types like Bamboo, Brazilian Cherry, Mahogany and TIgerwood will instantly add value to your home.

how to stain natural hardwood floors | staining hardwood floors | Ramgo Remodeling floor installation contractors in Frisco, TXMost of the wood types above can also be hand-scraped and dented. This process adds texture to your hardwood floors and gives it a unique look, depth, and texture. Hardwood floors will give your home a much warmer feel.

What if you already have hardwood floors? The beauty of hardwood floors is that its versatility allows you to change the finishing color with ease. Our team has the experience to remove the existing finish and refinish and resurface your wood floor to your desire. Hardwood floors allow you to refinish and resurface them many times throughout their lifetime.

Hardwood floors should be installed by either nailing or gluing it down. This also requires the installation of a subfloor – depending on your foundation. It is always best to have a thorough inspection and estimate done to assure that your floors are to be installed correctly. Our free in-home estimates can give you a starting point or idea as to what to expect and also an estimate in cost. Depending on the thickness of the subfloor it may raise floor edges in comparison to other floors in your home. It may also require for adjustments under doors.

Engineered Hardwood Floors in Frisco, TX 75034

 what are engineered hardwood floors | installing engineered hardwood floors | Ramgo Remodeling floor installation contractors in Frisco, TXEngineered hardwood floors are similar to traditional hardwood floors. The main difference is between them is the structure. Engineered hardwood floors are what they sound – man made wood pieces. They are built in layers: top layer finished wood and an underlayer of composite or plywood. Engineered wood is more cost-effective than traditional hardwood, but it can not be resurfaced or refinished.

Installing engineered floors can be either glued or nailed down. They also require foundation preparation to ensure quality and life. Engineered hardwood floors handle moisture better than hardwood, but it is not water resistant. This means that too much moisture can cause it to warp. Engineered hardwood floors are the most popular type of wood floors.

Keep in mind that engineered wood floors can only be lightly sanded a few times before they run too thin. They are also more prone to chips, scratches and are considered laminated due to the top layer.

Wood Plank Floors in Frisco, TX 75034

Plank wood floors have become very popular for their versatility in colors, finish, and patterns. They are also known as floating floors. The reason for this is that plank wood floor doesn’t require it to be glued or nailed down. Installation of floating wood floor consists of laying it directly over the foundation by a groove and lock mechanism. Remember that installing wood floor will cause more noise to be heard throughout your home. Wood plank, because it is thinner, gives off more noise. You will have to install an extra layer of padding underneath.

how to install wood floors | installing wood floor panels | Ramgo Remodeling floor installation contractors in Frisco, TXBecause wood plank is engineered it can vary in materials and thickness. Since it is engineered wood plank can also be found as unfinished and therefore allow you to stain it after installation. This allows you to stain to the color of your preference. It is important to know that wood plank is thin and will damage is sanded down for new a finish. All though is the least expensive it does serve best to have a professional floor company install it to ensure best measures and durability.

A plus to wood plank floor is that it is water resistant. This allows you to install wood plank in all wet areas without the worry of water or moisture damage.


Wood Floor Installation in Frisco, TX and surrounding cities

If you are considering what type of wood floor is best for your home and lifestyle give us a call. Our team at RamGo Remodeling, we offer both in-home samples as well as an on-site showroom. Choosing the right wood floor is important. Be sure to ask questions, see samples and feel comfortable in the job being done. Frisco, TX and surrounding cities have trusted RamGo Remodeling for over 5 yrs as best flooring contractor and home remodeling contractor.

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