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Are you looking for a kitchen remodeling contractor in Plano, TX? Talk to us about your remodeling project and let us bring it to life. We are the best kitchen remodeling contractor in Plano, TX.
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30 Jun Kitchen Remodeling in Plano, TX

Kitchen Remodeling Contractor in Plano, TX 75024

Why are kitchen remodels one of the most popular home remodeling projects for value and budget? Talk to our team and get the most from your kitchen while increasing home value and comfortability. 

starting your kitchen remodeling

Kitchen design and how it all fits together can go a long way. From everyday kitchen cabinets to something a little more modern and contemporary.

New cabinet completely changes the look and the custom built-in wine rack is as if you are looking at a completely different kitchen. Updating your kitchen doesn’t have to mean a complete teardown. You can use what you have and with the help of our Ramgo Remodeling team we make great things happen!

Why you should remodel your kitchen

No matter if its your first home or forever home – what you like is likely to change. freshening up your kitchen is a great way to give your home a new look, increase value and attract potential buyers. Often times the kitchen is one of the biggest things that home buyers look for. Our team took this kitchen and updated simple things like colors, cabinets and central island. What you might also see is that a lot of what was already there was salvaged are re-purposed.

New paint, cabinets and center island for my kitchen in Plano, tx

Color really does make a huge difference. The homeowner wanted more natural light and because of the location of the kitchen that was not possible. We thought about introducing a skylight and possibly making the existing windows bigger, but it was not a viable option. What came next was the manipulation of colors. 

This kitchen upgrade went from dark to bright! Color really makes a huge difference when lighting is limited. We were able to use the existing cabinets and stripped them down to bare wood. We then added a bight white to help give the illusion of extra light from all angles. Additional updates included using the existing cabinets and re-purposing the doors with clear glass. Is it a good idea to reuse existing cabinets? Of course it is! As long as the existing cabinets are in good shape there is nothing wrong with using what is already there –  this also helps save money. 



repurposing a kitchen island

What stands out the most in this kitchen upgrade? The kitchen island! For a bigger kitchen that places all kitchen elements along the walls and corner it makes perfect sense to add a kitchen island –  in this case a kitchen island that serves multiple purposes. This home already had a kitchen island and our team was able to salvage the build and then reuse it. The color of the counter top also makes a huge difference in giving your kitchen a touch or brightness and modern look.

The best way to think about your kitchen from colors to placement and functionality is what is your goal? An outdated kitchen can be given life by updating small pieces. What separates our team from our remodeling contractors in Plano, TX is our need to take care of you first. Integrity matters and our goal is never to up sell you. What you want is what you need. We will happily provide ideas and options to achieve your goal, but you will never feel pressured to do or pay more than you feel comfortable with.

A kitchen island, regardless of size, can easily be salvaged and transformed into something better. This home already had a kitchen island and our team was able to salvage it and rebuild it to be more functional. When thinking of a new look there are more than a few ideas to think about.

The ideas are really endless and all it takes is a little creativity! Adding a sink or stove might requite plumbing and electrical work, but our team is more than capable of handling any project that you have in mind. 

Kitchen remodeling ideas in plano, tx 75024

What other ideas are there to update and give your kitchen a different look? Natural lighting is always a popular choice, but your home might not allow it. Often when looking a kitchen remodeling project where more natural light is desired we look into adding a skylight or expanding current windows. Our team of home remodeling experts can come in and inspect your roof, attic and windows to make sure that a skylight or extra windows can be added safely and securely. 

If that is not a viable option there are other cosmetic kitchen updates that can be done. Think uniformly at what your kitchen offers and how to enhance the look with what the build allows you. can we move cabinets around or reorganize them? How about adding decorative lighting using soft LED? Have you thought about using tile to enhance the look of your walls? Tile is great if used properly. Glass tile, ceramic decorative tile, copper or metal tile, mosaic tile and other forms are great at tying in colors to offset a look or design. 

The ideas are endless and the best way to vision what you are wanting for your kitchen remodeling project is to talk to our team at Ramgo Remodeling. 

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