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01 Sep Home Upgrades Before Selling Your Home

Common Home Upgrades When Selling Your Home in Frisco, TXHome upgrades before selling your home | remodeling that increase home value | West Frisco, TX home remodeling and renovation

Remodeling 101: Home Upgrades Before Selling?

A part of buying a home is to create equity over time so that if you do decide to sell you get a return on your purchase. A common mistake that we often address is that remodeling your home from top to bottom will help your home’s value increase. We believe that it is a common misconception and a pitch that other contractors use to get your business. At RamGo Remodeling we feel that it is best to educate our clients, guide them and advise them to make the right choices for their home upgrades. With over 6  years of experience in home remodeling and renovations in Frisco, TX we strive to do what is best for our clients. 

Most common home upgrades that buyers look for

There are two types of home buyers. Those who want a home that has recent upgrades and buyers who want to upgrade to their liking. Doing one or the other won’t always determine how fast you sell your home. What it will determine is how much you sell your home for. A common mistake when determining what to do is trying to answer your own questions based on other people experiences. We encourage questions, but every home is different. Keep in mind that what worked for others might not give you the same results.

Painting your home before selling

A common and often times inexpensive home upgrade is painting parts or all your home. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost to fully paint a 2,000 sq ft home is between $1,800 – interior and $2,500 – exterior. That doesn’t account for additional cost for materials, ceiling, trims/baseboards, siding, roofing, repairs, prep or specialty jobs. While it is inexpensive it can yield an increase in home value and allow for your home to sell faster.


Before jumping on a ladder and painting there are a few things to consider:

  • Painting is more than just brush strokes
  • It can get costly and be time-consuming as a DIY project
  • Colors are not always what they seem. Samples are your friends
  • Trim, molding, and doors are important too

If you are unsure where to start, what colors look best or what paint to chose please contact a professional for a consultation. Our team at, RamGo Remodeling, can answer your questions and help you make the right choice. We can provide samples and analyze your home to make sure that you are not overpaying for a job. Our work is always guaranteed and we are a trusted Frisco home remodeling company.

Energy Efficient Home Upgrades

A common home upgrade that many buyers look for is if the home is energy efficient. Even though it might cost you out of pocket, it can increase your home value as well as attract more home buyers. It is no secret that as home utilities rise more and more home buyers are looking into more energy efficient homes that will help them save money.

A few energy efficient upgrades:

  • Double pane windows
  • Fixing air leaks
  • Insulation
  • Weatherstripping

How can RamGo Remodeling help make my home energy efficient? To provide you with the proper solutions an energy audit or survey is needed. During the energy audit, we can find leaks are and also hot spots where cool or warm and cold air lost. Your insulation is also checked. Depending on the age of your home certain parts of your home may actually lack insulation and could be costing you money. We see this often in 2 story homes and homes with small attics.

In addition, a potential home buyer will look at these and other things when considering a home purchase. More importantly remember that as much as it is an investment on your part, it is also an investment on their part. Remember that not every home buyer that is looking to purchase your home will ask or be looking for these updates. It is best to consider what updates make the most sense not only to help sell your home faster but also to add value overall. 

Why trust RamGo Remodeling to help you remodel your home?

Ultimately our goal is not only to gain your business and trust but to help answer your home remodeling questions. Information is a great tool to have. It allows you to be well informed than going with an unreliable source. Our community has served us well and we want to make sure that we give back. Contact us for a quote and consultation. Trust us to be your West Frisco home remodeling company. Make your home your best home today.

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