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Ramgo Remodeling is your best choice for home remodeling contractor 75035. We specialize in all home improvement projects from remodels to landscaping.
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02 Apr Home Remodeling Contractor 75035

Home Remodeling contractor Frisco, TX

Patios, Porches, closet builders 75035

home improvement Contractor & outdoor living areas builder in Frisco, Tx

patio and Porch builder in Frisco, tx

What type of home do you have? Townhome, Condo, Mid-Century, Victorian, Modern or Ranch style? There is a patio or porch that will fit your home and Ramgo Remodeling can built it! We specialize in building and constructing patio, porches and outdoor living areas to fit your home and lifestyle. Our highly trained and skilled team has years of experience it all things home remodeling, home extensions, HVAC, Electricity, Plumbing and Landscaping. All we need to complete your outdoor living space project is your input on what you are looking for and we can start planning out the build.

A patio, porch, outdoor living area is a huge investment for your home. Being that we are in Texas we have learned that it is one of the most sought home improvement project for both home buyers and sellers. One of the best parts about an outdoor home addition is the versatility of what can be done.

Do you have a small yard and a 2 story home? Think about an elevated patio where you can walk out from your upstairs living area. Is your backyard longer than it is longer? A cedar patio is always a great idea! A common patio that we build is a narrow patio that runs along the side of your home, but it allows for a television to be hung up that servers perfect for outdoor entertainment.

Adding a Front Porch to my Home

A very common home upgrade that we have seen recently is building a front porch. This idea is different and came by customized to fit more homes. Specially homes that have a ranch style build. What makes these porches so attractive? It offers huge curb appeal and a visual break from the ordinary. The biggest feedback that we get after adding a front porch is how much of different feel it gives their home – a huge break from the ordinary! 

choosing the right home remodeling contractor in frisco, tx

There is a big difference in choosing the right person, company or contractor to work on your home. We often hear that cost plays a large role and others times that necessity was key. We look at home remodeling and home improvement from a different perspective. Our experience and community leads us to do what is best for each client. We want you, as the client, to quiz us and make us work for your business. If it takes multiple proposals and revisions to get the “best” finished product than our time and effort was well worth your investment. 

We rather you be well informed and go somewhere else, than go somewhere else without asking questions.”

Adding closet space to my home

adding closet space | closet builders in frisco, tx | Ramgo Remodeling Frisco, TX

When it comes to closets there a few different options that we consider:

  • Can you build within your closet to create more space?
  •  What is next or around the current closet space?
  • Are there empty areas around your home where closet space can be created?

Common question that we get: How can I make my closets bigger? This really comes down to your home. Many homes compensate for different things. Bigger rooms might mean smaller bathrooms. Vice versa – smaller rooms might mean bigger bathrooms. Making a closet bigger is not always the hard part. The hard part is sacrificing space in other areas of your home. 

Often times the best way to determine how much closet space can be added is to do an in-home evaluation. This allows our team to look at your space as a whole and provide the best options to accomplish your home improvement goals.  
We offer free quotes, 2nd opinions and welcome competitive pricing. 
Ramgo Remodeling will remove your fears of bait and switch contractors. Pietro and Karmita are amazing! Ramgo remodeled our kitchen and their attention to detail and meticulousness to the finished product made use comfortable from the beginning. We are very particular and not once did they not exceed our expectations. They found better pricing for us as well! In the end, I won’t go to anyone else! In fact they’ve already completed two more upgrades to our home. Thank you Pietro and Karmita!

Talk to us about your home remodeling project

Contact us, email us or call us to talk about your project. We are a proud to be a local home remodeling general contractor company in Frisco, TX. We value our community as much as we value our work. Let us show you why we are the best home remodeling contractor in Frisco, TX 75035.

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