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Bathroom remodeling contractor in Little Elm, TX 75068. Ramgo Remodeling is your best bathroom and home remodeling general contractor in Little Elm and Frisco, TX
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31 May Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Little Elm, TX 75068

Remodeling Contractor Frisco, TX

Bathroom Remodeling Upgrades

Ramgo Remodeling is a locally owned home, bathroom, kitchen remodeling, flooring, irrigation, HVAC and all around home improvement general contractor in Frisco, TX. 

Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Little Elm, TX 75068

Our team at, Ramgo Remodeling, complete many home remodeling projects all throughout Frisco, Little Elm, Prosper, and North Dallas, but one of the most common home upgrades is bathroom remodeling upgrades. Part of the reason that it is a popular home upgrade is because of what the bathroom represents in your home. It is often times a place of relaxation and serenity, but also one of the main rooms in your home that potential home buyers look at. Our team has completed bathroom upgrades for all situations: clients who just bought their first home, clients who want a new look and clients that are looking to add value to their home before purchase.

Have questions about your bathroom remodeling project? Call us and we can provide you with an in-home evaluation free of cost. Our goal is to make sure that your questions are answered and that your project is completed exactly how you pictured it.

Installing a frameless shower in my bathroom

A recent bathroom remodeling upgrade that our team completed involved converting a normal stand-up shower into a frameless shower. Before our team started the tear down of the old shower we always make sure that we account for all things electrical and plumbing. Often times in older homes that have gone through a bathroom upgrade have “custom” piping and wiring. In newer homes depending on where your bathroom is located, we may run into a need to secure or reinforce the frame and plumbing.

For this bathroom remodeling upgrade, the teardown of the existing shower was pretty simple. There was no water damage, plumbing was still in good shape and we didn’t need to account for electrical. A quick FYI that we feel not many home remodeling contractors explain fully. A remodeling project in part is a rebuilding project. We as trusted Frisco, TX general contractors, encourage our clients to ask questions and understand what is there, needed and fix. Knowing what sits behind a wall is not your job, but knowing what your contractor has done will give you peace of mind.

The teardown consisted of removing the shower frame, glass encasement, and shower walls. What was left looked like a tornado had ripped through the bathroom. The bathroom upgrade consisted of:

  • Custom shower frame
  • Tile shower walls
  • Custom tile shower floor
  • Floor to ceiling frameless glass shower encasement

Removing garden tub

Another part of this beautiful modern bathroom remodeling upgrade was the freestanding bathtub with freestanding faucet. Garden tubs at one time were the must-have thing to have in your bathroom. Times have changed and this client wanted something a bit more modern but still a bathtub. We decided to go with a freestanding bathtub and matching faucet to give the bathroom the modern look compliments their new frameless shower.

The teardown is similar to the shower. Remember that your home was built with specific measurements to house every part of your bathroom. By removing something you have to replace it with something else so that it is stable and built to last. Since the garden tub was being removed this part did require our team to redo some of the plumbing to conform to the new design of the bathtub and faucet.

A question that our team gets asked if why do DYI programs make everything look so easy? The answer is TV magic. Most of those shows are planned and executed for a specific purpose. They don’t always show you the mistakes that are made throughout the remodeling project and attempting it on your own becomes harder once you have usually torn your bathroom to pieces. The teardown is the easy part. Putting the pieces back together takes experience and know how.

Adding a custom vanity in my bathroom

This bathroom remodeling project had once piece that we feel really made everything come together. We tore out the previous outdated vanity and replaced it with a modern vanity and paired it with a white quartz counter top. It is a central piece that ultimately finished the look that our client was looking for. Double sinks, storage space, and just a clean modern look.

If you are looking at your bathroom and trying to decide what part you can upgrade for a quick new look consider your vanity as a starting point. Maybe you want space to glam yourself up with ample lighting and space. We can help with that. Bathroom vanity upgrades are a simple and often times cost-effective way to upgrade your bathroom one piece at a time.

Finished bathroom remodeling upgrade in Little Elm, TX

A clean, well put together, modern bathroom is what our client was looking for. The result was a ceiling to floor frameless shower, freestanding bathtub with matching freestanding faucets and a custom quartz vanity. We also added fresh paint, a new glass window behind the bathtub (non-see through), and matching tile as an accent piece and throughout the entire bathroom floor. Every piece was well thought out and most importantly we made sure that it was built to last.

Bathroom Remodeling contractor in Little Elm, TX 75068

Why should you trust us with your bathroom remodeling project in Little Elm, Frisco, Prosper, and North Dallas? We are a locally owned general contractor company with over 30 years of combined experience. We understand how much your home means to you. Our team at Ramgo Remodeling pays close attention to what you are wanting and most importantly what is needed throughout the remodeling project. Attention to detail and diligence for perfection allows us to provide you with options and solutions from start to finish. Trust us to be your general contractor of choice for your bathroom remodeling, home remodeling, flooring, and outdoor living home improvement projects in Little Elm, Frisco, Prosper and all of North Dallas.

Contact us for a quote, 2nd opinion or if you just have questions. Ramgo Remodeling is ready to answer them with full transparency to help build your trust in us.

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