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04 Mar Sunrooms, Mudrooms, Home Remodeling in Frisco, TX 75035

Home Remodeling Contractor in Frisco, TX 75035

home remodeling 75035 | sunrooms, mudrooms, and home additions | Frisco, Tx 75035

Remodeling your home takes time and most of all money. Aside from a few DIY projects that can easily be done, it serves best to trust a professional contractor to handle the big home remodeling projects. At Ramgo Remodeling we are expert and trusted home improvement and home remodeling contractors happily serving Frisco, TX 75035 and all surrounding areas. Our team has over 50 yrs experience in all things home improvement, remodeling, floors, fence, irrigation, and many more services. Trust us with your home and let us remodel your home into your best home.

Sunroom home additions in Frisco, TX 75035

What is a sunroom? A sunroom by definition is exactly what it sounds like. A room in your home that caters to natural light. Sunrooms are popular because it allows you to have a designated place for entertainment and more importantly a place where you can enjoy the outdoors without dealing with insects or weather.

We have had a few projects where the homeowner wanted a sunroom/screened patio and we were able to utilize space in a smart and efficient way. In Texas, with our unexpected weather, one of the biggest draws that they saw in a sunroom was being able to enjoy Spring and Fall evenings without worrying about mosquitos. Their ability to be able to sit in their screened sunroom with their family was well worth the investment.

Building a Sunroom, Screened Patio or Screened Porch in Frisco, TX 75035

A few things to know before jumping into a sunroom/screened patio:

Space: Depending on what you are looking for be sure to consider how much space you are willing to give up for your sunroom/screened patio. If your home already has a room that you are able to convert than the only step left is to decide what type of sunroom you are wanting.

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Design: Are you wanting an indoor sunroom or a screened patio? Our team, at Ramgo Remodeling, have built both with great results. Both allow you to enjoy natural sunlight, fresh air and a place for entertainment.

Permits: Depending on your city or county you might need to secure specific permits for your home addition. We can help you through the process of securing the right permits so that your project can be built promptly and without issue.

Outdoor Space for Entertainment in 75035

A sunroom while it is not outdoors it does give you the sense of a place in your home where you can disconnect from everyday life. We’ve had many projects where the idea of a sunroom is more so of a family room. Sunroom are also a great compliment to patios, gardens and pools. A sunroom with large windows allows for great natural light and also the availability to appreciate your well manicured yard.

Screened patios and porches are a bit of a different elemement. Depending on your home and space we have seen a rise in screened porches for the front of the homes. We see this as a great option to deal with bugs and insects while still enjoying fresh air. These home additions can also e amazing natural entertainment areas. Whether you want an elevated portch or patio or a sunken area the options are many. They can easily be equipped with electricity and plumbing for better use.

Can my current structure be transformed?

Absolutely! The first step is to inspect the current room/structure and make sure that it is suitable and stable enough. Our team can easily make repairs and updates to ensure that it is built to last. Talk to us about your ideas and let us draw out plans that will give you a picture of what you are looking for. We are fully insured and licensed home remodeling contractors in Frisco, TX 75035. Our experience and close attention to detail allows us to put our full effort into your project keeping in mind your goals and vision. Let us help you make your home your best home! Contact us for a in-home inspection or 2nd opinion.

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