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Home ideas on using different types of tile to remodel and renovate your home from floors, walls, bathroom, kitchen, pool, patio, living room and back splashes.
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10 Jun Using Tile in Your Home

Different Ways to Use Tile Around Your Home

Modern Kitchen tile | RamGo Remodeling | Home remodeling in Frisco, TX 75033 and surrounding areas

A simple remodel idea that will give your home a great new look using non-traditional tile around your home with RamGo Remodeling

Having a home is one of the best investments that you will ever make! Whether you are building from the ground up, rebuilding or just remodeling it makes all the sense to invest properly and get the most of it. Ramgo Remodeling is an expert and very experienced in making sure that you get the best quality work from start to finish. A great compliment to any home is tile or non-traditional tile. Tile is versatile, can be modern and traditional and most of all one of the best ways to give your home a new look from top to bottom – both inside and outside. 

Using non-traditional tile to compliment any room in our home

When you think of tile you might just think of simple ceramic tile used on floors and at times counters. While traditional use of tile can be timeless for any home we are seeing a new trend that blends the use of different tiles like:

  • Glass Tile
  • Spanish Tile
  • Patterned Cement Tile
  • Moroccan Tile 
  • Stone Tile

What is Glass Tile

Glass tile is exactly what it sounds like: glass. Glass tile, or mosaic tile, has been traditionally used in pools and spas. The beauty of glass tiles is how versatile it can be. The different arrays of colors can give any room not only a different look but feel. It is great with natural light and also a great way to add value to your home and modernize any room quickly and easily. A trend that we are seeing is using glass tiles from the bathroom floor, shower, counters and also as accent walls. Keep in mind that glass tile is still glass and does require extra care. A great way to use in your home is to add it to bright rooms. Glass tile can make any room look spacier and brighter. Remember that glass tile comes in many different shades and shapes so it gives you an opportunity to mix and match.

What is Spanish Tile

Spanish tile, or Latin tile, is one of our favorites! The combination of colors, uses, and looks are simply amazing! Spanish tile is making a huge comeback. Many Latin and Mexican restaurants have been using Spanish tile for years but many homes are now using it to add a new look to their home as well as value. It provides the feel of vintage with colors and patterns that pop out. Spanish tile can be used throughout the entire home – floors, counters, walls, patios, showers and stairs. The uses are endless. Complimenting Spanish tile throughout your home is another simple upgrade that can really open up any room in your home. Because Spanish tile is so versatile natural hues like, browns, reds, blues, yellows, and oranges will add additional beauty to it. Spanish tile compliments well with natural earth hues. It allows you to use a base paint color and use the colors in the Spanish tile to add the additional color details to any room.

Patterned Cement Tile

Patterned Cement tiles, or Eucastic Tile and Artisan Tile, is another trend that is quickly making a come back. You might have seen tiles with designs of flowers, lines, squares or something similar. These are known as Patterned Cement Tiles and their use is throughout your home will instantly change the look and feel. Patterned Cement Tile can be used in any pattern all depending on the look that you are wanting. It can very easily be black and white tiles that are both traditional and modern. They can be used in sections compliment other colors or in full. Backsplashes, counters, and bathrooms are all great places to add patterned cement tiles. You can also use patterned cement tile in your patio or stairs. Patterned cement tile allows you to either go bright and clean and also natural while allowing the patterns to enhance the look you are searching for.

What is Stone Tile

Stone tile is a timeless classic for any home. It uses throughout both the inside and outside of your home makes it a very popular upgrade. Stone tile is available in all colors, cuts, and finishes. Its use can be both in even shapes or for more depth used in abstract. Stone tile walls add great accents to both walls and exterior like your patio. Its combination of wood, ceramic and steel elements will instantly add value to your home. A great aspect of Stone tile is that it is very rugged and can withstand the wear and the elements. Keep in mind that when looking at Stone tile that you choose natural stone rather than porcelain. Stone tile because of its versatility in hues, polish and structure will allow you to be open when it comes to choosing the right look for your home. Depending on the room that you wanting to update it makes sense to think of colors, cuts, and type of stone tile to use. Remember that stone tile can be porous. While it looks great using it a bathroom it will absorb water so be cautious on that aspect.  

RamGo Remodeling is your 75033 tile expert!

We specialize in not only remodeling and renovating your home, but also in making sure that your investment is well spent. Your trust in us is valued and we can openly and genuinely answer all of your questions and provide suggestions when it comes to choosing the right tile for the right room or use. We treat your home as if it was our and will strive to make your home, your best home! Please contact us for a free quote and consultation. We also provide second opinions and fully back our work with our guarantee of satisfaction. RamGo Remodeling proudly serves all of North Texas, Dallas, Frisco, McKinney and all surrounding cities.

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