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09 Oct House Painters in 75034

House Painters in 75034

Looking to paint your home or business in Frisco, TX? Not sure what color, hue, or sheen will look best? That is what our home remodeling team is here for! Ramgo Remodeling is you local home remodeling, home painters and all things making your home beautiful remodeling contractor in Frisco, TX 75034. Have questions? Find out why we are the preferred house painters in 75034. Just send us a message or call us. 

house painters in frisco, tx 75034

What interior colors are trending?

When it comes to finding the right color it really comes down your taste and what look you are going for. Picking a color is not choosing a blue, red, green or neutral. With some many hues and in between tones it can be really frustrating picking a color that you love and even harder sticking with it. 

For example, have you been introduced to the Sherwin Williams 2020  Color of the Year? It is a beautiful blue tone called – Naval. 

remodeling kitchen plano, tx
kitchen remodel plano, tx 75024

Picking the right color for your home

In the home interior world it is all about setting the right tone inside your home. Do you want your room to bring calmness and warmth? Or is your room more of a life of the house?  Picking the right color comes down to the room purpose and more so its resemblance to your family character. 

Our, Ramgo Remodeling, home remodeling team will help walk you through various home interior and exterior paint options. We have tones and hues and are experts at mix and matching the right colors together to get the look you want. 

finding the right complementing colors

The main color can be the hardest choice to find. Naval is beautiful, but there are so many more colors that our team can show you. A really neat tool to use is a color visualizer – paint color options. We often use this to help our clients play with different tones. Seeing then on a screen can sometimes be different than seeing them live. Let us show you a vast array of color palettes to help choosing a color easier. 

How to mix different home interior colors

House painting projects are some of our favorite types of home remodeling projects! It is really an open platform to experiment with something that can dramatically change the look of your home both inside and out. With house painting you don’t have to worry about tearing apart your kitchen, living room or bathroom hoping that you made the right decision. The beauty of small paint samples allows you to mix colors, hues and tones to get the right match no matter how many samples it takes.

How expensive is it to paint my home?

This question really depends on what you are wanting to do. A few things to know or think about before starting a home painting project:

  • Not all colors that are used are made the same. When it comes to the colors that are used on your walls or exterior we have learned that it is sometimes harder to remove or paint over. You have water and oil based paints. Each of attaches itself differently to different wall textures like brick, wood, panels and sheetrock. 
  • Cost in paint can make a difference. Is the most expensive paint always the best choice? That depends on who is painting your home or business. We believe that sometimes the hand that does the painting is more important that the value of the paint being used. Buying the most expensive paint on the shelve doesn’t matter all that much if it your home is not properly prepped for paint. 
  • Finding your main color is the easy part. Complimenting colors can make or break the overall finished product. Once you lay the main color down everything else should be easy right? Not always. Too much of one color can force you to start over or repaint over it. Complementing colors matter and you should have options from our home painting experts. 

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finding a House Painting Contractor in 75034

We consider ourselves a different type of home remodeling and house painters in 75034. Ramgo Remodeling is locally owned and your first point of contact is our owners Pietro and Karmita Ramelli. Our commitment to your home extends farther than finding a need to try to upsell you. We want to make a difference in the way your approach any type of home remodeling or home painting project. Our job is for you to trust us before we step foot into your home. 

What to expect from a home Painting contractor in Frisco, TX

The need to always feel that they are being as honest with your as possible – every step of the way. Our clients know that without them companies like ours wouldn’t be in the position that they are in. You can expect an honest approach to home painting and remodeling from Ramgo Remodeling. The more you know about what your goals are the better you, as the client, will be in hiring the right house painting contractor in Frisco, TX.

Contact us for a quote or 2nd opinion. We happily serve all of Frisco, Prosper, McKinney and North Dallas. 

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